Top African Business Travel Destinations

Date Posted: October 26, 2022

Top African Business Travel Destinations

The COVID-19 pandemic dealt a heavy blow to almost every facet of human existence. However, no sector felt it more than the transportation and aviation sectors. Nonetheless, the world is opening up again. Several countries have relaxed their COVID-19 restrictions, and people are now travelling across borders for vacation, business, and tourism. Africa is a major hub for most travellers; its large population, emerging market, and relative ease of business make it a prime destination for anyone looking to travel for business. 

In this article, we examine the top African business travel destinations. Whether you are taking a vacation and need to carry out some businesses simultaneously or looking to relocate and set up a business permanently in the African continent, we have you covered. Dig in!

Favourite African Business Travel Destinations 

Here are our recommendations, in no particular order:

  1. South Africa

South Africa has always been an attractive destination for business owners. This is because it has one of the friendliest economic policies favourable to visitors. This is also because its economy is the strongest in the South of Africa and the second largest in Africa. Even though the country laboured under apartheid for years, it emerged with a strong, unbeatable economy. Additionally, the South African government is very determined to stamp out crime. This boosts the confidence of visitors who often prioritize security while seeking business travel destinations. The success of South Africa’s efforts is seen in the influx of businesses in recent times. 

  1. Nigeria

This list would hardly be complete without including Nigeria. Specifically, Lagos, the economic and social nerve centre of Nigeria, is considered one of the top destinations for those looking to get into the African business space. 

Nigeria’s immediate attraction is its size. Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people, which continues to grow. Furthermore, Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is also impressive, the largest in Africa. The Internally Generated Revenue of Lagos State alone was placed at 200 billion naira in 2021. These are attractive numbers for anyone looking to travel to the country for business.

There are a lot of expatriates in Lagos, especially in the highbrow locations of Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and the like. So if you aim to find and network with ex-pats, you can do so easily.

  1. Ghana

Ghana is another travel destination in Africa to put on your radar. The country has, perhaps, the most stable economy in West Africa. This perhaps explains why Twitter set up its Africa office in the country. The World Bank’s ease of doing business report ranks Ghana the 16th in Africa, several places ahead of Nigeria. Furthermore, the various tourist sites in Accra showcasing the rich Ghanaian heritage are a chief attraction for most tourists. Thus, if you are looking for a conducive location within Africa to conduct business, Accra provides that. In addition, you will have all that you need to feel at home and have fun while at it. 

  1. Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is a great business travel option if you primarily speak French or are simply looking to start a business in a French-speaking African country. Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s capital, has one of the biggest French-speaking populations in Africa. Aside from that, the Ivorian economy has continued steadily over the years. 

The country has a bustling harbour that caters to foreigners and residents alike. Its nightlife, great tourist locations, and excellent cuisine are also perks of travelling to the country. It is a perfect destination for any conference, seminar, or business lunch.

  1. Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, is a tourist hub. Thousands of visitors flock to Nairobi each year to take advantage of its scenic beaches and many parks. Asides from tourism, Nairobi is also the perfect location to make and close a few deals. The business scene in Nairobi is alive and thriving; you will feel right at home whenever you visit. The country’s stock exchange is the largest in the East African sub-region. The robust airway system in Nairobi makes it easy to dash in and out. It would also interest you to know that the headquarters of several international businesses, The World Bank, the Sage Group, and Pfizer, are all located in Kenya. 

Reasons To Invest in the African Market

There are multiple reasons why Africa is ripe for the taking at the moment. We will just examine a few of them here:

A Growing Population

Africa’s population currently stands at about 1.4 billion. What is more, it is growing rapidly! With the growing population will come needs. These include food, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, education, and many others. The population explosion is happening in major African cities. Essentially, you will find a sizable customer base for whatever area you decide to venture into.

Infrastructure is Gaining Attention

For many years, the infrastructure deficit was the argument against setting up businesses in African countries. However, these concerns are being addressed right now. Many African leaders are taking the initiative to fix infrastructure challenges in their countries. This means that the greatest barrier to entry for most businesses will soon be eliminated. This is yet another major reason to consider investing in the African market.

Africa is Becoming Trade Focused

African countries are tilting towards the promotion of export and trade. Perhaps the biggest indicator of this is the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), signed by all 54 countries in the region. The Agreement provides for lowered tariffs and export duties within the region, amongst other incentives. Admittedly, this benefits only African countries. However, specific countries also have export incentives for foreign businesses within their borders. That should be a boost for wanting to invest in the region.

Digital Transformation

Africa, it appears, is leading the global digital transformation. Digital solutions to problems such as payment for goods are becoming quite popular within the region. At the front of these changes are young people. Essentially, these changes mean that there will be ease of doing business for businesses started in the region. Systems and processes that are unavailable now can also be easily integrated. The region takes to digital products and solutions with ease. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right travel destination for your business travels might be a hassle. This is because the perfect location needs to have the right infrastructure, government policies, and tourist attractions, amongst other considerations. This list of some of the best African countries/cities fits right into the bill. With this out of the way, you need only plan your itinerary!